Call for Papers

Under the serious pandemic impact today we still keep our faith toward the future of production, because human’s life relies on the supply of production in any kind of format. As issues of production do not fade even under the pandemic impact, the International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) will still be held with your physical or virtual participation. The ICPR is regarded worldwide as one of the leading conferences promoting research in the field of production research and industrial engineering. We invite you to contribute your research of production in this important conference.

1. Impact of the Pandemic on Industry and Production
2. Regional Economic Integration and Its Impact on Manufacturing Trends
3. Digital and Cyber Manufacturing and Services
4. Internet of Things, Data Analytics and Smart Manufacturing
5. Industrial Communication and Automation
6. Manufacturing Processes and Automation
7. Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains
8. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
9. Human Factors Engineering
10. Sustainable Production
11. Logistics Engineering and Management
12. Smart City and Digital Transformation
13. Quality Engineering and Management
14. New Product Development and Innovation Management

15. Others


To be announced


Conference Venues

Windsor Hotel, Taichung, Taiwan and

Humanities Building, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan