Keynote Speeches

Shimon Y. Nof, Ph.D.

PRISM Center & School of IE, Purdue University

 West Lafayette Indiana 47907-2023, USA

ICPR-26, Taichung, Taiwan, July 18-21, 2021


Presentation Title:

Challenges and Contributions to Intelligent and Transformative Production

Before, During, and Beyond Pandemic Times




The theme of this conference is “Intelligent and Transformative Production in Pandemic Times.” In this plenary, we explore the roles and challenges that production researchers have been facing before and during this pandemic, and how their contributions have enabled survival and continuity of operations, now and beyond the pandemic times. The following themes will be reviewed: 1. Survey of production research before and during the pandemic eruption. 2. Focus on supply chain and supply network resilience and security. 3. Focus on cyber collaborative production for disruption handling and control. 4. Lessons learned and agenda for the future – “beyond pandemic times?” We will particularly try to understand if our emerging themes of future work, labs, and factories have been on target: The cyber collaborative, augmented factories, suppliers, and services; and the human-in-the-loop cyber physical production and service. Have we been prepared to deliver on time and at scale what society and civilization need and expect? We will conclude with interesting lessons learned and suggest future research challenges.



Shimon Y. Nof, Ph.D., D.H.C., is Professor of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, and held visiting positions at MIT and at universities in Chile, EU, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, and Taiwan. He is Director of the NSF- and industry-supported PRISM Center (Production, Robotics and Integration Software for Manufacturing & Management; established 1991) linked with PGRN (PRISM Global Research Network); active in IFAC, (International Federation of Automatic Control),  IFPR (International Federation of Production Research), IFIP and IISE (Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers); Fellow of IFPR and of IISE; co-inventor of five cyber automation patents; Editor of ACES Springer Book Series (Automation, Collaboration, and E-Services); co-author and editor of fifteen books, including Revolutionizing Collaboration Through e-Work, e-Business, and e-Service (2015), Best Matching Theory & Applications (2017), and Dynamic Lines of Collaboration (2021), and the forthcoming Springer Handbook of Automation 2nd Ed.